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Forklift 1.8t Electric Cpd18WHY CHOOSE USAnhui Forklift Group Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter as AFG), was originally founded in 1958. During the past 55 years' development, AFG always focus on forklift business. We have been No. 1 in China since 1991, and r

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Forklift 1.8t Electric Cpd18

Anhui Forklift Group Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter as AFG), was originally founded in 1958. During the past 55 years' development, AFG always focus on forklift business. We have been No. 1 in China since 1991, and ranked No. 8 in the world in 2008.
CHL is one forklift brand of AFG, mainly to supply reliable and affordable lift trucks. Based on the AFG's advanced technology and equipment, CHL trucks' quality is at TOP level in China. Mass production helps to lower cost, SAP system and Lean Production ensure high quality. Those promise CHL trucks always be reliable and competitive.

1. Newly designed wide-view mast
The newly designed wide-view mast enlarges operators' view effectively and lessens the blind area to provide a clearer vision.

2. Excellent steering system
The steering system with new technologies not only provides a smoother swerve and faster positioning & steering, but also effectively lowers down the noise.

3. AC drive motor
The wonderful combination of high-power AC motor and the new style gearbox by independent R&D fully enhance the performance of acceleration, driving and grade ability.
Large ratio gearbox
Maintain more efficient
Motor maintenance
Renewable energy technologies

4. High efficiency loading/unloading performance
The innovative design and configuration of hydraulic system improve the working efficiency largely and provide a very efficient loading/ unloading.
The maximum unloaded lifting speed increases 20%
The maximum loaded lifting speed increases 12%

5. Enough operation space
The new optimization layout widens the operator space for ensuring more comfortable and convenient operation.

6. More intelligent performance
The truck equipped with more intelligence functions not only ensures the safety performance, buy also improves the efficiency and reduces energy consumption.

DIFFERENCE between HELI brand forklift and CHL brand forklift
Same factory
Same components
Same assembly line
Same support team
Different painting color
Different brand name
Different price

Shintool machinery is the company which been officially authorized by AFG to sell "CHL" forklifts.
And we are sincerely looking for dealers for CHL forklifts in worldwide market, welcome your contact any time!
Manufacture's name   ANHU HELI CO., LTD.
Model Designation   CPD18
Configuration Number   CJ1 CJ2
Load Capacity Q(kg) 1750
Load Center c(mm) 500
Power Type   Battery
Operator Type   Seated
Wheelbase y(mm) 1370
Tyre Type   Pneumatic
Tyres Number(Front/Rear)   41672
Tread(centre of tyre),front b10(mm) 920
Tread(centre of tyre),rear b11(mm) 920
Tyre size,Front   6.50-10-10PR
Tyre size,Rear   5.00-8-10PR
Load Distance x(mm) 425
Mast Tilt Angle,F/R α/β(º) 6/12
Height with Mast Lowered h1 1995
Free Lift h2 155
Standard Lift Height h3 3000
Height with Mast Extended h4 4005
Overhead Guard Height h6 2160
Fork Size s/e/L 35×100×920
Fork Carriage to DIN 15173 A/B   2A
Length to fork face L2 2160
Overall Width b1 1070
Outside Turning Radius Wa 1960
Ground Clearance at mast ,Loaded m1 110
Ground Clearance at centre of wheelbase, Loaded m2 125
Travel Speed,with/without load km/h 14/15
Lifting Speed,with/without load mm/s 280/530
Lifting Speed,with/without load mm/s 330/490
Lowering Speed mm/s 450
Gradient performance with load % 15
Max.draw bar pull with load N 9500
Battery Voltage/rated capacity(5h) V/Ah 48/550
battery weight kg 1075
Compartment for Battery size mm 727×980×500
Drive Motor-60 Min. Rating kw 8.0(AC)
Pump Motor-15 Min.Rating kw 8.6(DC)
Pump Motor-15 Min.Rating kw 10(AC)
Drive Motor Control Method   MOSFET/AC
Pump Motor Control Method   MOSFET/AC
Pump Motor Control Method   MOSFET/AC
Service Brake/Parking Brake   Hydraulic/Mechanical
Relief Pressure Mpa 17.5

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