China quality 2.0 ton electric stacker price

Our CommanyWe are first calss in Chinese forklift truck manufactures and top 20 in the world,with 130,000 square meters production area,over 500 employees,30,000 units forklift truc production capacity per year ,5000 sets export volume our R&D research is in Britain, and we invested over 600 million in forklift factory,

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Our Commany
China Quality 2.0tons Electric Stacker Price

We are first calss in Chinese forklift truck manufactures and top 20 in the world,with 130,000 square meters production area,over 500 employees,30,000 units forklift truc production capacity per year ,5000 sets export volume

 our R&D research is in Britain, and we invested over 600 million in forklift factory, use advanced equipments to realize over 90% automatic production, e.g.: welding robot. 

Every forklift part is self produced; we have 5 series and over 200 models to meet customers' different demands, we can do all kinds of lifting height mast according your different working conditions

Our Procuts
China Quality 2.0tons Electric Stacker Price

We have all kinds of forklifts that can meet your needs.
I. Diesel forklift truck range from 1.5 to 16ton;(FD15/18/20/25/30/35/40/45/50/60/70/80/100/160)
II. Battery forklift truck range from 1.5 to 3.5ton;(FB15/20/25/30/35)
III.LPG and gasoline forklifts range from 1.5 to 3.5 ton;(FL15/20/25/30/35)
IV.warehouse equipment, like electric pallet truck, electric reach truck, electric stacker & electric trailer.(YB20,DB16,TB15)
V.4 *4 all wheel drive off-road forklift range from 2.5 to 10ton.

 Our Certification 
China Quality 2.0tons Electric Stacker Price

Our all kinds of forklift  for sale  has passed all kinds of international certificates, eg:Russian Gost certificates or European CE(EC) certificates, especially, our CE certificates are made in Turkey. Quality is guaranteed and performance stable.

Our Service
The warranty period for Forklift is 15 months or 2500 working hours begins from the forklift arrival date of oversea port, depends on which come first

We have free wearing parts to present you with the forklift.
Warranty period of Spare parts is 6 months, begins from 30 days after shipment.

Our products are all well-designed and strictly tested. If any maintenance problem you can not handle, we can also offer training and maintenance services in our factory field or at your site.Your requirements will be handled promptly and appropriately.

With the authorization of the brand, we can OEM for our clients.we have our technical team to help the clients. All kinds of attachments such as roll paper clamp, side shifter and so on can be available.

Our Quality control

China Quality 2.0tons Electric Stacker Price

We use advanced equipments, eg: welding robot and others to realize over 95% automatic production line.Every forklift part is produced by ourselves, our products are all well-designed and strictly tested, We traite  every process from  prepare materials- structure-painting-assambly to delivery to make customer's satisfaction.

Product Specification
China Quality 2.0tons Electric Stacker Price
Characteristics1.1model DB20-R1
1.2drive battery
1.3operator type stahngding 
1.4load  capacity Q(kg)2000
1.5load centrec(mm)600
1.6front overhangx(mm)701
1.7wheel base Y(mm)1325
weight2.1capacity(with battery)kg1340
2.2axle loading ,unladen(front/rear)kg1260/2080
2.3axle loading ,laden(front/rear)kg920/420
wheels chassis3.1tyres type polyurethane
3.2wheel size (front) φ230×75
3.3wheel size (rear) φ80×70
3.4additional wheels φ125×50
3.5wheels ,number front/rear (x = drven wheels) 1x+2/4
3.6track width (front)b10(mm)620
3.7track width (rear)b11(mm)500
dimentions 4.1ciosed mast heighth1(mm)2030
4.2lifting heighth3(mm)3000
4.3height ,mast extendedh4(mm)3550
4.4height of tiller in driving position min/maxh14(mm)1042/1410
4.5height ,fork loweredh13(mm)90
4.7length to face of forksl2(mm)904
4.9fork dimentions s/e/l(mm)60/185/1150
4.10width across forksb5(mm)685
4.11ground clearance centre of wheelbasem2(mm)29
4.12aisel width,pallet 1000x1200(1200crossways)Ast(mm)2504
4.13aisel width,pallet 800x1200(1200lengthways)Ast(mm)2437
4.14turning radius Wa(mm)1598
Dimensions5.1travel speed ,laden/unladenKm/h5/5.5
5.2lifting  speed laden/unladenm/s0.08/0.12
5.3lowering speed , laden/unladenm/s0.13/0.18
5.8max.grade ability, laden/unladen%4/10
5.1service brake electromagnetic
motor6.1drive motor power kW1.5(AC)
6.2lift motor powerkW3(DC)
6.4battery voltage/rated capacityV/Ah24/285
6.5battery weightkg260
others8.1type of dirve control  AC
8.2soundlevel at the driver's sear according to DIN12053dB(A)70

Mandatory maintance timeThe first  mandatory maintanceThe second  mandatory maintanceThe third  mandatory maintanceThe fourth  mandatory maintanceThe fifth  mandatory maintanceThe sixth  mandatory maintance
Running time50hours200 hours500 hours800 hours1100 hours1400

China Quality 2.0tons Electric Stacker Price



Robust Structure;

Highly specialized drive and hydraulic system ensure excellent driving;

 Low-noise and durable hydraulic unit,high quality cylinder as well as hose ensure high reliability of hydraulic system;

 AMP connector and durable electric wires greatly reduce malfunctions of components.

Straddle Chassis option offers stability of high stack operation. 


Safe hydraulic design prevents mast from falling down abruptly when oil pipes cuts off.

Belly button prevents truck from hitting operator

By simply pressing emergency disconnector,power supply will be immediately interrupted.

Multiple lifting limited switch ensures travel safety.

Truck automatically switches to low speed mode,when lifting height is higher than setting height.

 Anti-rolling back braking device ensures trucks don't roll back on ramps 


Ergonomic tiller head for effortless and comfortable operations.

Tiller with long arm for smooth steering.

Compact chassis design offers smallest turning radius needed.

Side operating ensures excellent visibility.

On-board Charge.


 Maintenance-free Battery

Battery display indicator with hour meter,reminds operator of charging on time(optional).

Easy Maintenance-detachable rearpanel.

Self-Diagnostics signal on the digital disply allows easy trouble-shooting.

Easy Accessof hand Set.

 Low-Voltage Cut-off Protection. 


Packing & Delivery
1.5tons electric forklift will use container shipment or Ro-Ro shipment to delivery; 
one 20GP container can take 4pcs 1.5tons electric forklift; 
one 40GP container can take 6pcs 1.5tons electric forklift.

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Long history and stable factory background:                               
A history of over 24 years;
Technology ranks NO.1 in China;
Annual out put nearly 30,000 units.

High-quality and reliable products:
Upgrades for thousands of times to meet the demands of million of customers all over the world;          
Three series to choose;
Other warehouse equipment to choose;

Better sale service of after-sale service:
Active and professional salesperson;
Warranty period of 1 years or 2000hrs, which occurs first;                                      
Dispatch professional engineer to arrange training courses or after sale maintenance if necessary.

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