1800kg New Pallet Lift Full Span Electric Stacker (ES18-30WA)

1400 Kg New Pallet Lifter Full Straddle Electric Stacker(ES18-30WA) Product Description1.Load Capacity & Center :1400-1800kg & 600mm2.Weight:990kg3.Max Lift Height:4500mm4.Driving Speed:6.0kw/h5.Drive Control:ZAPI AC6. Service brake: Electromagnetic Basic ParameterItem No:     

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1400 Kg New Pallet Lifter Full Straddle Electric Stacker(ES18-30WA)

 Product Description
1.Load Capacity & Center :1400-1800kg & 600mm
3.Max Lift Height:4500mm
4.Driving Speed:6.0kw/h
5.Drive Control:ZAPI AC
6. Service brake: Electromagnetic 
Basic Parameter
Item No:                       ES14-30WA
Load Capacity:              1800 kg
Load Center                  600 mm
Wheels:                       Dia 230* 75 102*73 
Drive Control :               ZAPI AC 
Max.Lift Height:             4500 mm
Forks Dimension:            40/ 100/ 1067 mm
Overall Dimension:          1966*1270*1828 mm
Structure Weight:          990kg
HS Code:                      84271090
Reach Single & Double Scissor Available     
1.High Mast 3000mm-4500mm Available
2.1800kg load capacity available
2.Full Free Mast & Standard Mast Available
3.Local battery phase is Available.   
4,All colors are available.
1.1Manufacturer SHYTGER
1.2Model designation ES14-30WAES18-40WA
1.3Drive unit BatteryBattery
1.4Operator type WalkieWalkie
1.5Load capacityQ (kg)14001800
1.6Load centerc (mm)600600
1.9Wheelbasey (mm)13501455
2.1Service weight (Incl. battery)kg12301290
 Wheels, Chassis
3.1Tyre type PU/ PUPU/ PU
3.2Tyre size, operator sidemmΦ230× 75Φ230× 75
3.3Tyre size, load sidemmΦ102× 73Φ102× 73
3.5Wheels, number operator/load side (x=drive wheels) 1x+2/ 41x+2/ 4
3.7Tread, load sideb11 (mm)1170/1270/13701170
4.2Height, mast loweredh1 (mm)1828/2108/23031828/2108/2303
4.3Free lifth2 (mm)150150
4.4Lift heighth3 (mm)2600/3200/36002600/3200/3600
4.5Height, mast extendedh4 (mm)3565/4125/45153565/4125/4515
4.9Height of tiller arm in operating position, min/ maxh14 (mm)990/ 1500990/ 1500
4.10Height of straddle arms or load wheel casingh8 (mm)100100
4.15Fork height, loweredh13 (mm)7580
4.19Overall lengthL1 (mm)19662071
4.20Length to face of forksL2 (mm)740740
4.21Overall widthb1/ b2 (mm)1270-14701270 1370 1470
4.22Fork dimensionss/ e/ l (mm)40/ 100/ 107045/ 100/ 1070
4.24Fork carriage widthb3 (mm)820820
4.25Outside fork width, minimum/ maximumb5 (mm)254-780254-780
4.26Width between straddle armsb4 (mm)970-1270970 1070 1270
4.31Ground clearance, center of wheelbasem1 (mm)4035
4.33Aisle width, 1000×1200 pallet crosswaysAst (mm)21572262
4.34Aisle width, 800×1200 pallet lengthwaysAst (mm)23572457
4.35Outer turning radiusWa (mm)15451645
5.1Travel speed, laden/ unladenkm/ h5.5/ 6.04.5/ 5.0
5.2Lifting speed, laden/ unladenm/ s0.127/ 0.230.127/ 0.23
5.3Lowering speed, laden/ unladenm/ s0.26/ 0.200.26/ 0.20
5.8Maximum gradeability, laden/ unladen S2 5 min.%6/106/10
5.10Service brake ElectromagneticElectromagnetic
6.1Drive motor rating S2 60 min.kW1.11.1
6.2Lift motor rating at S3 15%kW33
6.4Battery voltage/ rated capacity (5h)V/ Ah24/21024/210
6.5Battery weight (with box)kg200200
 Battery compartment dimensions l/ w/ hmm650X200X570650X200X570
 Battery type   
8.1Type of drive control ZAPI   ACZAPI  AC

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